Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary

Houston Bible Study Center


Prerequisite: High school diploma or GED

Course Requirements: 60 credit hours for Associate Degree
• 15 Credits from the Old Testament
• 15 Credits from the New Testament
• 15 Credits from Doctrinal Studies
• 15 Credits in related skills and ministry preparation


15 Credits from the Old Testament
1. 100--OT--Old Testament Survey--Overview of OT
2. 191--OT--Genesis--Biblical Creationism compared to Darwin's Theory of Evolution
3. 194--OT--History of Israel--From Abraham to Messiah
4. 138--OT--Malachi--Survey of book w/ focus on stewardship
5. 199--OT--Intro. OT Biblical Archaeology--Comparing Biblical record with archaeological discoveries

15 Credits from the New Testament
1. 204--NT--New Testament Survey--Overview of NT focus on Gospel
2. 203--NT--Gospel of John--Note difference between John and synoptic Gospels
3. 205--NT--Book of Acts--Church history and Paul's missionary journeys
4. 206--NT--Romans and Galatians--An expository study and major doctrines
5. 299--NT--Intro. to NT Archaeology--Comparing Bible with archeological discoveries

15 Credits from Doctrinal Studies
1. 317--DS--Inspiration of Scriptures--Biblical evidence of origin and Authority
2. 300--DS--Doctrine of Man & Sin--Mans purpose, failure, consequences and Gods solution
3. 301--DS--Systematic Theology--Study major doctrines of the Bible
4. 314--DS--Ecclesiology (Church)--The Church's foundation, mission and destiny
5. 304--DS--Hermeneutics (Interpretation)--Principles for interpreting the Bible

15 Credits in Related Skills and Ministry Preparation
1. 402--MPS--Homiletics I--Principles and preparation for Biblical preaching
2. 404--MPS--Personal Evangelism--A study of CWT Evangelism Program
3. 455--MPS--Elements of Church Music--Survey of church music and worship
4. 468--MPS--Youth Ministry and Music--Survey of church youth program
5. 498--MPS--Sunday School--Survey of church Sunday School program