Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary

Houston Bible Study Center


It is the responsibility of the student to arrange for the payment of tuition. Arrangements for payment of tuition and other related expenses must be made prior to registration for classes. The seminary does not participate in any Federal or State awarded loans, grants or scholarships.

Application Fee: $50.00
Graduation Fee: $200.00

TUITION - Houston Study Center
Undergraduate (Associate degree plan): $50.00 per credit hour ($150.00 per course)
Undergraduate (Bachelor degree plan): $75.00 per credit hour ($225.00 per course)
Graduate (Masters degree plan): $100.00 per credit hour ($300.00 per course)
Post Graduate (Doctoral degree plan): $125.00 per credit hour ($375.00 per course)

Some study materials cost is included in the tuition fees above. However each student will be responsible to pay for the cost of any additional study materials not included in the fees above (books, outlines, etc.).

The school has no desire to retain fees which rightfully belong to a student wishing to withdraw. However, the school must guard its fiscal stability and cover expenses required to initiate and maintain clerical and academic support for student services. Unused (prepaid) tuition fees are refundable according to the following schedule:

a. Within three days: 100%, less a $20.00 service charge.
b. Four to thirty days: 75%, less a $50.00 service charge.
c. Over thirty days: no refund.

The graduation fee for each degree program is $200.00. This is a non-refundable, non-transferable processing fee that is consumed upon receipt. No diploma or transcript will be issued until all fees are paid.

Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary desires to be a vital part of each student's preparation for ministry. Students must realize that the crucial elements of their education will come from their own personal contribution and commitment.