Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary

Houston Bible Study Center


Students are admitted to the Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary only after proper application and approval. Application forms may be obtained from Dr. Zimmernan or downloaded from this web site: see Application for Admission. A non-refundable $50.00 application fee must accompany all applications.

Graduation from high school is required for students in all degree programs. Applicants who are not high school graduates may submit high school equivalency diplomas (GED) from the Department of Education.

Students are to furnish two (2) letters of reference showing acceptable credentials in Christian character, commitment to ministry, emotional and spiritual maturity, and financial responsibility. One (1) letter should be from the pastor of the church the student is currently attend and one (1) should be from another person who has personal knowledge of the student's Christian committment.

Students who have completed courses in other institutions of higher learning may receive credit toward a degree at the Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary. It is the responsibility of the transferring student to have two (2) official transcripts sent to the Houston office of admissions listed under Contact Information. For credit hours transfered into JBTS to be accepted, the student must have a minimum grade point of 2.0 for the course. The credit hours and courses eligible for transfer into JBTS-Houston will be as determined by the seminary president.