Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary

Houston Bible Study Center


Prerequisite: Associate Degree in a relevant field of study with at least 60 credit hours

Course Requirements: 120 credit hours for Bachelor Degree
• 15 Credits from the Old Testament
• 15 Credits from the New Testament
• 15 Credits from Doctrinal Studies
• 15 Credits in related skills and ministry preparation


15 Credits from the Old Testament
1. 102--OT--Study of the Torah--Survey of The Five Books of The Law
2. 192--OT--Exodus--Israel's deliverance from bondage in Egypt
3. 140--OT--Psalms--Survey of the Book/focus on practical application
4. 185--OT--Messianic Prophesies in the OT--OT Prophecy-NT Fulfillment
5. 195--OT--Biographies of OT --Survey of OT personalities (Abraham etc.)

15 Credits from the New Testament
1. 272--NT--Synoptic Gospels--A comparative study of Mt., Mk., & Lk.
2. 220--NT--Book of James--An exposition considering faith and works
3. 297--NT--I & II Thess.--Exposition study/focus on eschatology
4. 219--NT--Hebrews--NT interpretation of OT Sacrificial System
5. 227--NT--Revelation-- Premillennial view/focus on Seven Churches

15 Credits from Doctrinal Studies
1. 350--DS--Pneumatology (Holy Spirit)—Study of work of The Holy Spirit
2. 302--DS--Systematic Theology--Study Calvinism, Arminianism and the Bible
3. 315--DS--Christology--Study of the life and work of Christ
4. 308--DS--Dispensationalism--Seven periods of Biblical history
5. 311--DS--Eschatology--Study of prophecy, and the consummation of the age

15 Credits in Related Skills and Ministry Preparation
1. 403--MPS--Homiletics II--Interpretation, articulation and delivery of a sermon
2. 450--MPS--Evangelism: Personal/Church--Strategies & methods of evangelism
3. 435--MPS--Premarital, Marriage and Family Counseling--Principles for ministry to the family
4. 414--MPS--Church Administration--Survey of Administration of the local church
5. 424--MPS--Pastoral Psychology--Essential Pastoral counseling skills examined